Serving People Who Depend on the Irish Sea Ecosystem

The Irish Sea is a semi-enclosed marine ecosystem, connected to the Celtic Sea and the wider North Atlantic.

1. Ecosystem

The Irish Sea ecosystem includes catchments, estuaries, shorelines, islands, waters and sea floors in substantial parts of Ireland and the UK and the entire Isle of Man.

2. Benefits

The Irish Sea ecosystem provides vital ecological goods and services to many sectors, including: education; energy; fisheries; nature conservation; recreation and sport; shipping; tourism; and waste disposal and processing.

3. Beneficiaries

The Irish Sea Centre exists to serve all beneficiaries of the Irish Sea ecosystem, across all sectors and jurisdictions, by contributing to its sustainable use and conservation.

4. Contribution

The Irish Sea Centre seeks to contribute to learning about and responding to ecosystem change and its drivers, including climate change and economic, institutional, political and social change.

Our Mission

The Irish Sea Centre plans to become a hub for information gathering and exchange, public awareness, research, and hosting meetings and scholars, working through partnerships and linkages around the Irish Sea and in the wider Celtic Sea, North Atlantic and beyond.
The Irish Sea Centre’s whole ecosystem/all sectors coverage and its location on the Isle of Man, the world’s only entire jurisdiction with UNESCO-Biosphere status, are a unique combination of inclusive
perspectives and independence.
Developing and demonstrating a whole ecosystem/all sectors approach for sustainable use and conservation of the Irish Sea ecosystem are big ideas, which are often constrained by narrower perspectives and interests.
The scale and attributes of the Irish Sea ecosystem and the diversity of its users are highly suitable for pursuing these big ideas. Success would be a world first among comparable marine ecosystems.